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Fawndale Lodge Redding California 'A pretty place to be!'

Some years ago, there was a lover of nature of the North State who lived in the South State. He toiled as a designer of sets for Hollywood film-makers. Then one day a cloud passed across Hollywood's glory and everyone went on strike. No problem for this lover of the North State. He gathered together his tools of trade in the South State and moved to the North State. From his imagination, skill, and creative spirit, we now have Fawndale Resort. His wife, whose name was Fawn, she so loved her new home that the property and the area now bare her name as a legacy; Fawndale.

Advancing a few years, they were two lovers of nature caught on a treadmill in 'concrete City' where the silicon chip was master. The earth shook, heads rattled, and after a long run, these lovers found themselves under a tree at Fawndale Resort. This is good. This is God's Country. This is where we'll be. Their legacy is the small redwood forest planted north of the swimming pool, and memories the many guests take home with them. A Guest Services staff including, Administration, Operations, Hospitality and landscaping combine to serve the comfort and pleasure of each guest and event at Fawndale Resort

May the trees call you back time and again.
Don and Debbie Deeds

As time passed and the excitement of Fawndale Resort beauty and serenity have attracted so many guests and events, it became evident to broaden the scope and extend services for the local business and social communities. Careful attention has been made to selecting mountain decor and ambiances, while catering to the technology of the age. Fawn Lodge inaugurated 20 March 2003, accommodates up to 35 persons for banquets, training sessions, executive forums, or small intimate gatherings. A Business center includes self-service printing, copying, faxing, and internet services. An A/V Package offers a 36' TV complete with surround-sound stereo, and computer interface. The uniqueness of hand-crafted willow furniture accents the Anniversary Place, which is a custom use of Fawn Lodge and includes a beautifully catered dinner in the Mountain Room. Catering is available for all events. Fawn Lodge centers on the 6 acres of Fawndale Resort casting views of the mountain, the grounds, and the beautiful cedar pine, and redwood trees and gardens. Its ambiance refreshes a conference event, expands a family event and beautifies a reception. Fawn Lodge, a part of 'God's Country": close to Home --- a World Away

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Fawndale Lodge & RV Resort
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